base class, extends NXobject


Collection of the components of the instrument or beamline.

Template of instrument descriptions comprising various beamline components. Each component will also be a NeXus group defined by its distance from the sample. Negative distances represent beamline components that are before the sample while positive distances represent components that are after the sample. This device allows the unique identification of beamline components in a way that is valid for both reactor and pulsed instrumentation.


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Groups cited:

NXaperture, NXattenuator, NXbeam_stop, NXbeam, NXbending_magnet, NXcapillary, NXcollection, NXcollimator, NXcrystal, NXdetector_group, NXdetector, NXdisk_chopper, NXevent_data, NXfermi_chopper, NXfilter, NXflipper, NXguide, NXinsertion_device, NXmirror, NXmoderator, NXmonochromator, NXpolarizer, NXpositioner, NXsource, NXtransformations, NXvelocity_selector, NXxraylens


@default: (optional) NX_CHAR

Declares which child group contains a path leading to a NXdata group.

It is recommended (as of NIAC2014) to use this attribute to help define the path to the default dataset to be plotted. See https://www.nexusformat.org/2014_How_to_find_default_data.html for a summary of the discussion.

name: (optional) NX_CHAR

Name of instrument

@short_name: (optional) NX_CHAR

short name for instrument, perhaps the acronym

APERTURE: (optional) NXaperture

ATTENUATOR: (optional) NXattenuator

BEAM: (optional) NXbeam

BEAM_STOP: (optional) NXbeam_stop

BENDING_MAGNET: (optional) NXbending_magnet

COLLIMATOR: (optional) NXcollimator

COLLECTION: (optional) NXcollection

CAPILLARY: (optional) NXcapillary

CRYSTAL: (optional) NXcrystal

DETECTOR: (optional) NXdetector

DETECTOR_GROUP: (optional) NXdetector_group

DISK_CHOPPER: (optional) NXdisk_chopper

EVENT_DATA: (optional) NXevent_data

FERMI_CHOPPER: (optional) NXfermi_chopper

FILTER: (optional) NXfilter

FLIPPER: (optional) NXflipper

GUIDE: (optional) NXguide

INSERTION_DEVICE: (optional) NXinsertion_device

MIRROR: (optional) NXmirror

MODERATOR: (optional) NXmoderator

MONOCHROMATOR: (optional) NXmonochromator

POLARIZER: (optional) NXpolarizer

POSITIONER: (optional) NXpositioner

SOURCE: (optional) NXsource

DIFFRACTOMETER: (optional) NXtransformations

VELOCITY_SELECTOR: (optional) NXvelocity_selector

XRAYLENS: (optional) NXxraylens

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