base class, extends NXobject


An insertion device, as used in a synchrotron light source.


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Groups cited:

NXdata, NXgeometry


type: (optional) NX_CHAR

Any of these values: undulator | wiggler

gap: (optional) NX_FLOAT {units=NX_LENGTH}

separation between opposing pairs of magnetic poles

taper: (optional) NX_FLOAT {units=NX_ANGLE}

angular of gap difference between upstream and downstream ends of the insertion device

phase: (optional) NX_FLOAT {units=NX_ANGLE}

poles: (optional) NX_INT {units=NX_UNITLESS}

number of poles

magnetic_wavelength: (optional) NX_FLOAT {units=NX_WAVELENGTH}

k: (optional) NX_FLOAT {units=NX_DIMENSIONLESS}

beam displacement parameter

length: (optional) NX_FLOAT {units=NX_LENGTH}

length of insertion device

power: (optional) NX_FLOAT {units=NX_POWER}

total power delivered by insertion device

energy: (optional) NX_FLOAT {units=NX_ENERGY}

energy of peak intensity in output spectrum

bandwidth: (optional) NX_FLOAT {units=NX_ENERGY}

bandwidth of peak energy

harmonic: (optional) NX_INT {units=NX_UNITLESS}

harmonic number of peak

spectrum: (optional) NXdata

spectrum of insertion device

GEOMETRY: (optional) NXgeometry

“Engineering” position of insertion device

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