base class, extends NXobject


A capillary lens to focus the X-ray beam.

Based on information provided by Gerd Wellenreuther (DESY).


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@default: (optional) NX_CHAR

Declares which child group contains a path leading to a NXdata group.

It is recommended (as of NIAC2014) to use this attribute to help define the path to the default dataset to be plotted. See https://www.nexusformat.org/2014_How_to_find_default_data.html for a summary of the discussion.

type: (optional) NX_CHAR

Type of the capillary

Any of these values:

  • single_bounce

  • polycapillary

  • conical_capillary

manufacturer: (optional) NX_CHAR

The manufacturer of the capillary. This is actually important as it may have an impact on performance.

maximum_incident_angle: (optional) NX_FLOAT {units=NX_ANGLE}

accepting_aperture: (optional) NX_FLOAT {units=NX_ANGLE}

working_distance: (optional) NX_FLOAT {units=NX_LENGTH}

focal_size: (optional) NX_FLOAT

The focal size in FWHM

gain: (optional) NXdata

The gain of the capillary as a function of energy

transmission: (optional) NXdata

The transmission of the capillary as a function of energy

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