base class, extends NXobject

DEPRECATED: as decided at 2014 NIAC meeting, convert to use NXtransformations


legacy class - recommend to use NXtransformations now

It is recommended that instances of NXgeometry be converted to use NXtransformations.

This is the description for a general position of a component. It is recommended to name an instance of NXgeometry as “geometry” to aid in the use of the definition in simulation codes such as McStas. Also, in HDF, linked items must share the same name. However, it might not be possible or practical in all situations.


No symbol table

Groups cited:

NXorientation, NXshape, NXtranslation


description: (optional) NX_CHAR

Optional description/label. Probably only present if we are an additional reference point for components rather than the location of a real component.

component_index: (optional) NX_INT

Position of the component along the beam path. The sample is at 0, components upstream have negative component_index, components downstream have positive component_index.

SHAPE: (optional) NXshape

shape/size information of component

TRANSLATION: (optional) NXtranslation

translation of component

ORIENTATION: (optional) NXorientation

orientation of component

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