application definition, extends NXxbase


raw data from a single crystal diffractometer, extends NXxbase

This is the application definition for raw data from a single crystal diffractometer measuring in normal beam mode. It extends NXxbase, so the full definition is the content of NXxbase plus the data defined here. All angles are logged in order to support arbitrary scans in reciprocal space.


No symbol table

Groups cited:

NXdata, NXdetector, NXentry, NXinstrument, NXsample


entry: (required) NXentry

definition: (required) NX_CHAR

Official NeXus NXDL schema to which this file conforms

Obligatory value: NXxnb

instrument: (required) NXinstrument

detector: (required) NXdetector

polar_angle[np]: (required) NX_FLOAT {units=NX_ANGLE}

The polar_angle (gamma) of the detector for each scan point.

tilt_angle[np]: (required) NX_FLOAT {units=NX_ANGLE}

The angle by which the detector has been tilted out of the scattering plane.

sample: (required) NXsample

rotation_angle[np]: (required) NX_FLOAT {units=NX_ANGLE}

This is an array holding the sample rotation angle at each scan point

name: (required) NXdata

polar_angle –> /NXentry/NXinstrument/NXdetector/polar_angle

tilt –> /NXentry/NXinstrument/NXdetector/tilt

rotation_angle –> /NXentry/NXsample/rotation_angle

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