application definition, extends NXobject


This is the application definition for S(Q,OM) processed data.

As this kind of data is in general not on a rectangular grid after data reduction, it is stored as Q,E positions plus their intensity, table like. It is the task of a possible visualisation program to regrid this data in a sensible way.


No symbol table

Groups cited:

NXdata, NXentry, NXinstrument, NXparameters, NXprocess, NXsample, NXsource


ENTRY: (required) NXentry

@entry: (required) NX_CHAR

title: (required) NX_CHAR

definition: (required) NX_CHAR

Official NeXus NXDL schema to which this file conforms

Obligatory value: NXsqom

instrument: (required) NXinstrument

name: (required) NX_CHAR

Name of the instrument from which this data was reduced.

SOURCE: (required) NXsource

type: (required) NX_CHAR

name: (required) NX_CHAR

probe: (required) NX_CHAR

Any of these values: neutron | x-ray | electron

SAMPLE: (required) NXsample

name: (required) NX_CHAR

Descriptive name of sample

reduction: (required) NXprocess

program: (required) NX_CHAR

version: (required) NX_CHAR

input: (required) NXparameters

Input parameters for the reduction program used

filenames: (required) NX_CHAR

Raw data files used to generate this I(Q)

output: (required) NXparameters

Eventual output parameters from the data reduction program used

DATA: (required) NXdata

data[NP]: (required) NX_INT

This is the intensity for each point in QE

qx[NP]: (required) NX_CHAR {units=NX_WAVENUMBER}

Positions for the first dimension of Q

qy[NP]: (required) NX_CHAR {units=NX_WAVENUMBER}

Positions for the the second dimension of Q

qz[NP]: (required) NX_CHAR {units=NX_WAVENUMBER}

Positions for the the third dimension of Q

en[NP]: (required) NX_FLOAT {units=NX_ENERGY}

Values for the energy transfer for each point

NXDL Source: