base class, extends NXobject


Device for reducing flight time differences of ions in ToF experiments.


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Groups cited:

NXmanufacturer, NXtransformations


name: (optional) NX_CHAR

Given name/alias.

description: (optional) NX_CHAR

Free-text field to specify further details about the reflectron. The field can be used to inform e. g. if the reflectron is flat or curved.

MANUFACTURER: (optional) NXmanufacturer

TRANSFORMATIONS: (optional) NXtransformations

Affine transformation(s) which detail where the reflectron is located relative to e.g. the origin of the specimen space reference coordinate system. This group can also be used for specifying how the reflectron is rotated relative to the specimen axis. The purpose of these more detailed instrument descriptions is to support the creation of a digital twin of the instrument for computational science.

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