application definition, extends NXobject


Processed data from XAS. This is energy versus I(incoming)/I(absorbed).


The symbol(s) listed here will be used below to coordinate datasets with the same shape.

nP: Number of points

Groups cited:

NXdata, NXentry, NXparameters, NXprocess, NXsample


ENTRY: (required) NXentry

@entry: (required) NX_CHAR

NeXus convention is to use “entry1”, “entry2”, … for analysis software to locate each entry.

title: (required) NX_CHAR

definition: (required) NX_CHAR

Official NeXus NXDL schema to which this file conforms

Obligatory value: NXxasproc

SAMPLE: (required) NXsample

name: (required) NX_CHAR

Descriptive name of sample

XAS_data_reduction: (required) NXprocess

program: (required) NX_CHAR

Name of the program used for reconstruction

version: (required) NX_CHAR

Version of the program used

date: (required) NX_DATE_TIME

Date and time of reconstruction processing.

parameters: (required) NXparameters

raw_file: (required) NX_CHAR

Original raw data file this data was derived from

DATA: (required) NXdata

energy: (required) NX_CHAR (Rank: 1, Dimensions: [nP])

data: (required) NX_FLOAT (Rank: 1, Dimensions: [nP])

This is corrected and calibrated I(incoming)/I(absorbed). So it is the absorption. Expect attribute signal=1

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