base class, extends NXobject


Subclass of NXelectronanalyser to describe the spin filters in photoemission experiments.


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Groups cited:

NXdeflector, NXlens_em, NXtransformations


type: (optional) NX_CHAR

Type of spin detector, VLEED, SPLEED, Mott, etc.

figure_of_merit: (optional) NX_FLOAT {units=NX_DIMENSIONLESS}

Figure of merit of the spin detector

shermann_function: (optional) NX_FLOAT {units=NX_DIMENSIONLESS}

Effective Shermann function, calibrated spin selectivity factor

scattering_energy: (optional) NX_FLOAT {units=NX_ENERGY}

Energy of the spin-selective scattering

scattering_angle: (optional) NX_FLOAT {units=NX_ANGLE}

Angle of the spin-selective scattering

target: (optional) NX_CHAR

Name of the target

target_preparation: (optional) NX_CHAR

Preparation procedure of the spin target

target_preparation_date: (optional) NX_DATE_TIME

Date of last preparation of the spin target

depends_on: (optional) NX_CHAR

Specifies the position of the lens by pointing to the last transformation in the transformation chain in the NXtransformations group.

TRANSFORMATIONS: (optional) NXtransformations

Collection of axis-based translations and rotations to describe the location and geometry of the deflector as a component in the instrument. Conventions from the NXtransformations base class are used. In principle, the McStas coordinate system is used. The first transformation has to point either to another component of the system or . (for pointing to the reference frame) to relate it relative to the experimental setup. Typically, the components of a system should all be related relative to each other and only one component should relate to the reference coordinate system.

DEFLECTOR: (optional) NXdeflector

Deflectors in the spin dispersive section

LENS_EM: (optional) NXlens_em

Individual lenses in the spin dispersive section

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