base class, extends NXobject


Metadata for laser-, voltage-, or combined pulsing triggering field evaporation.


The symbols used in the schema to specify e.g. dimensions of arrays.

n_ions: Total number of ions collected.

Groups cited:

NXbeam, NXcollection, NXmanufacturer, NXsource, NXtransformations


pulse_mode: (optional) NX_CHAR

How is field evaporation physically triggered.

Any of these values: laser | high_voltage | laser_and_high_voltage

pulse_frequency: (optional) NX_NUMBER {units=NX_FREQUENCY}

Frequency with which the high voltage or laser pulser fires.

pulse_fraction: (optional) NX_NUMBER {units=NX_UNITLESS}

Fraction of the pulse_voltage that is applied in addition to the standing_voltage at peak voltage of a pulse.

pulsed_voltage: (optional) NX_FLOAT (Rank: 1, Dimensions: [n_ions]) {units=NX_VOLTAGE}

standing_voltage: (optional) NX_FLOAT (Rank: 1, Dimensions: [n_ions]) {units=NX_VOLTAGE}

Direct current voltage between the specimen and the (local electrode) in the case of local electrode atom probe (LEAP) instrument.

laser_gun: (optional) NXsource

Atom probe microscopes use controlled laser, voltage, or a combination of pulsing strategies to trigger the excitation and eventual field evaporation/emission of an ion during an atom probe microscopy experiment.

name: (optional) NX_CHAR

Given name/alias.

wavelength: (optional) NX_FLOAT {units=NX_WAVELENGTH}

Nominal wavelength of the laser radiation.

power: (optional) NX_FLOAT {units=NX_POWER}

Average power of the laser source while illuminating the specimen.

pulse_energy: (optional) NX_FLOAT {units=NX_ENERGY}

Average energy of the laser at peak of each pulse.

MANUFACTURER: (optional) NXmanufacturer

TRANSFORMATIONS: (optional) NXtransformations

Affine transformations which describe the geometry how the laser focusing optics/pinhole-attached coordinate system is defined, how it has to be transformed so that it aligns with the specimen coordinate system. A right-handed Cartesian coordinate system, the so-called laser space, should be assumed, whose positive z-axis points into the direction of the propagating laser beam.

laser_beam: (optional) NXbeam

Details about specific positions along the focused laser beam which illuminates the (atom probe) specimen.

pinhole_position: (optional) NXcollection

Track time-dependent settings over the course of the measurement where the laser beam exits the focusing optics.

spot_position: (optional) NXcollection

Track time-dependent settings over the course of the measurement where the laser hits the specimen.

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