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Base class for storing details about a modelled shape of interaction volume.

The interaction volume is mainly relevant in scanning electron microscopy when the sample is thick enough so that the beam is unable to illuminate through the specimen. Computer models like Monte Carlo or molecular dynamics / electron beam interaction simulations can be used to qualify and/or quantify the shape of the interaction volume.

Explicit or implicit descriptions are possible.

  • An implicit description is via a set of electron/specimen interactions represented ideally as trajectory data from the computer simulation.

  • An explicit description is via an iso-contour surface using either a simulation grid or a triangulated surface mesh of the approximated iso-contour surface evaluated at specific threshold values. Iso-contours could be computed from electron or particle fluxes through an imaginary control surface (the iso-surface). Threshold values can be defined by particles passing through a unit control volume (electrons) or energy-levels (e.g. the case of X-rays). Details depend on the model.

  • Another explicit description is via theoretical models which may be relevant e.g. for X-ray spectroscopy

Further details on how the interaction volume can be quantified is available in the literature for example:


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PROCESS: (optional) NXprocess

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