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NION definitions/model for aberrations of electro-magnetic lenses. ...

NION definitions/model for aberrations of electro-magnetic lenses.

See S. J. Pennycock and P. D. Nellist (page 44ff, and page 118ff) for different definitions available and further details. Table 7-2 of Ibid. publication (page 305ff) documents how to convert from the NION to the CEOS definitions.


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model: (optional) NX_CHAR

Obligatory value: nion

c_1_0: (optional) NXaberration

c_1_2_a: (optional) NXaberration

c_1_2_b: (optional) NXaberration

c_2_1_a: (optional) NXaberration

c_2_1_b: (optional) NXaberration

c_2_3_a: (optional) NXaberration

c_2_3_b: (optional) NXaberration

c_3_0: (optional) NXaberration

c_3_2_a: (optional) NXaberration

c_3_2_b: (optional) NXaberration

c_3_4_a: (optional) NXaberration

c_3_4_b: (optional) NXaberration

c_4_1_a: (optional) NXaberration

c_4_1_b: (optional) NXaberration

c_4_3_a: (optional) NXaberration

c_4_3_b: (optional) NXaberration

c_4_5_a: (optional) NXaberration

c_4_5_b: (optional) NXaberration

c_5_0: (optional) NXaberration

c_5_2_a: (optional) NXaberration

c_5_2_b: (optional) NXaberration

c_5_4_a: (optional) NXaberration

c_5_4_b: (optional) NXaberration

c_5_6_a: (optional) NXaberration

c_5_6_b: (optional) NXaberration

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