NeXus  4.4.3
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NeXus::Stream Namespace Reference


class  ISerialisable
 interface implemented by all serialisable NeXus components More...
class  HolderBase
 Base class for serialisable named and typed parameter. More...
class  AttrHolder
 Serialisable NeXus attribute. More...
class  Attr
 Serialisable attribute. More...
class  ObjectWithAttr
 Serialisable NeXus class with associated attributes. More...
class  Group
 Serialisable NeXus group object. More...
class  DataHolder
 Serialisable NeXus data. More...
class  Data
 Serialisable data object that contains attributes. More...


enum  StreamModifier { Close =0 }


Fileoperator<< (File &nf, const ISerialisable &obj)
Fileoperator>> (File &nf, const ISerialisable &obj)
Fileoperator<< (File &nf, const StreamModifier sm)
Fileoperator>> (File &nf, const StreamModifier sm)