NeXus  4.4.3
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 |oCISerialisableInterface implemented by all serialisable NeXus components
 |oCHolderBaseBase class for serialisable named and typed parameter
 |oCAttrHolderSerialisable NeXus attribute
 |oCAttrSerialisable attribute
 |oCObjectWithAttrSerialisable NeXus class with associated attributes
 |oCGroupSerialisable NeXus group object
 |oCDataHolderSerialisable NeXus data
 |\CDataSerialisable data object that contains attributes
 oCExceptionClass that provides for a standard NeXus exception
 oCInfoThis structure holds the type and dimensions of a primative field/array
 oCAttrInfoInformation about an attribute
 \CFileThe Object that allows access to the information in the file