NeXus  4.4.3
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NeXus C++ API
 \author Peter Peterson
 \author Freddie Akeroyd

2000-2008 NeXus Group

Purpose of API

This provides a C++ like interface to the NeXus C API. It adds:

An API serves a number of useful purposes:

Core API

The core API provides the basic routines for reading, writing and navigating NeXus files. It is designed to be modal; there is a hidden state that determines which groups and data sets are open at any given moment, and subsequent operations are implicitly performed on these entities. This cuts down the number of parameters to pass around in API calls, at the cost of forcing a certain pre-approved mode d'emploi. This mode d'emploi will be familiar to most: it is very similar to navigating a directory hierarchy; in our case, NeXus groups are the directories, which contain data sets and/or other directories.

C++ programs that call the above routines should include the following header file:

* #include "NeXusFile.hpp"
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